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    A brown dog and a white dog were waiting for the vet. The brown dog says to
    the white one "Why are you here?"

    The white one says "In the park today .... I bit a girl."

    "Are you going to be put down?"..... "Yes."

    "How about you?" says the white one.

    "Well I got on top of a baby and it almost suffocated in my hair."

    "Are you going to be put down too?"..... "Yes."

    Then a great dane comes in panting. "Why are you here?" the two dogs ask.

    "Well," said the great dane, "on Saturday my owner likes to get the hose and
    wash down the house in the nude."

    "Today I just couldn't resist. I bounded over and knocked her down and
    humped her."

    "Well it looks like you're her to be put down too!"

    "Oh no. I'm just in to get my nails cut."
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    sick lol

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    (17:19:02) (+SpikeWork) youth of today, they'll mount anything