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    Default Superman : Confirmed details

    just doing my daily rounds and here is what i found on the new superman project....

    initially McG (charlies Angles) was signed to do this film - the heavens have helped us and he has been sacked.......thank fuck for that!!

    Brett Ratner (Rush Hour1,2 and Red Dragon) is taking over the flick now - YES!!

    i am positive he will make a better fim then McG.

    other good news is....Anthony Hopkins is up for Jal El supes dad.

    bad news for some.......rumour has is that Keanu Reeves is going to be playing Superman

    now that would be interesting. a bet there are mixed feelings on that!
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    The Colonel said:


    It aint a rumor, Keanu Reeves has signed up to take the lead!
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    I dont think he'll fit in. He'll probably be good in it but he just doesnt come acoss as a superman person after matrix.
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    Originally posted by Epiphany
    I dont think he'll fit in. He'll probably be good in it but he just doesnt come acoss as a superman person after matrix.
    true, who do we think would? id go for a newbie (fresh start) or maybe? stallone? ha ha ha, vin deisel might get it? or somebody else popular now??
    just thoughts.

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    well they probably thought who is as bad an actor as Christoper Reeve so nobody will notice the difference
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    Or maybe people will think its his son or something?? lol!
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    lmao - i thought the same thing on both accounts there Bobby Davro!!

    i personally would like to see somebody like Michael Madsen play superman - or maybe someone totally unknown.

    one thing hat is gonnabe strange - Keanu Reeves cannot walk properly he has an in pointing foot - so much for the man of steel.
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    what do you guys think of the guy who played Superman in the series "The New Adventure of Superman" (Dean Cain). I'm not a huge fan but from what I saw he played the role quite well. What do others think?
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    i did think he would play a good superma - but he played a lighter role then the character that i want superman to be in this film.

    i want a dark vibe superman - doomsday style!
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    Originally posted by The Colonel
    It aint a rumor, Keanu Reeves has signed up to take the lead!
    no he hasnt
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    latest information.......straight from directors mouth.

    Ratner Talks Superman
    New director chats about casting and rival superhero pics.

    September 17, 2002 - The Chicago Sun-Times recently chatted with newly christened Superman director Brett Ratner, who replaced McG as the helmer of Warner Brothers' forthcoming comic book movie revamp. Ratner has directed a number of high-profile pics, including the Rush Hour series and the upcoming Hannibal Lecter flick Red Dragon. The Sun-Times describes Ratner as "confident" about the long-in-development Superman project. "This is the movie Hollywood has been trying to make for the last seven years," Ratner reminded the paper.

    Ratner has been very open with the press when it comes to discussing casting for the film. The young filmmaker reveals that he'd prefer "a total unknown" in the title role, dismissing any further hope of his Family Man star Nicolas Cage as the Man of Steel ("[He's] too old now."). "I'm going to do a massive hunt for my Superman first," says the director. "I also have no idea who would be good for Lois Lane."

    Furthermore, Ratner dismissed Fox 411's claim that Keanu Reeves had been chosen to play Superman. According to Latino Review, the director shot down the rumor of Reeves' casting at a Red Dragon press junket this past weekend. Ratner did, however, confirm reports that his Red Dragon star, Sir Anthony Hopkins, was in the running for the role of Superman's doomed father, Jor-El.

    Ratner also advised The Chicago Sun-Times that the new Superman movie "will be the origins story with a fantastic script that explains more than you've ever seen before. ... Can you imagine a really good Superman in 2003 with all the new special effects? I think that could be something amazing." Ratner added that the filmmakers are "in the early stages [of pre-production] and we haven't scouted any specific cities as a model [for Metropolis]."

    The director also confirmed that the recently shelved Batman vs. Superman is as dead as Great Caesar's ghost. "I know you've heard about this Batman vs. Superman movie, but that's getting scrapped because of my film," says Ratner. "Anyway, I don't see how that film could have been done because Superman would have certainly killed Batman."

    Superman will begin filming next year for either a late 2003 or 2004 debut. The screenplay was penned by J.J. Abrams (TV's Alias).
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    from reuters

    By Cathy Dunkley

    HOLLYWOOD (Variety) - Director Brett Ratner, who returns to theaters next month with the Hannibal Lecter thriller "Red Dragon," has signed on to shoot "Superman," a decision that will delay the third "Rush Hour" installment.

    The man of steel picture was supposed to be directed by McG ("Charlie's Angels"). But when Warner Bros. decided it had to have the film for summer 2004, no amount of schedule juggling could keep McG in place. He's now shooting "Charlie's Angels 2: Halo," scheduled for a June 27 release via Columbia.

    Negotiations for Ratner to direct began nearly a month ago. His commitment to "Superman" will require more than 20 weeks of pre-production.

    "It's been a dream since I was a child to do this movie," Ratner told Daily Variety. "I was born to make this movie. It's the perfect time to make this movie, as everyone is looking for someone to save the world, and who better than Superman?"

    Ratner added he plans to follow "Superman" with "Rush Hour 3" for New Line. He had also been in negotiations to direct the Philip K. Dick adaptation "Paycheck" for Paramount but later fell off that picture.

    McG's attachment did bring "Felicity" co-creator J.J. Abrams aboard as screenwriter. It was the script they developed that inspired Warners to amp up the "Superman" production schedule rather than move forward with Wolfgang Petersen's "Batman vs. Superman." Petersen is now getting ready to direct Brad Pitt in "Troy."
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    webby, i hope you dont want keanu AND a dark superman, thats a condradiction in terms. "I AM AN FBI AGENT" yeah ****in right you are mate, no youre not youre bill and ted and always will be.

    madsen on the other hand would rule, or kyle maclachlan (no ... stop ... think about it)
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    If Keanu is playing Superman it'll be wank. But there again, after reading another web site today of the proposed's gonna be terrible anyway.

    As for Michael Madsen playing Superman....hmmmm. It just doesn't feel right him playing a good guy....Free Willy anyone?

    I think we need someone of amazing stage presence....Peter North methinks