this is so wrong..

Thread: this is so wrong..

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    Aido said:

    Default this is so wrong..

    check out the pics under 'Cofani funebri e fascino' - it's a site selling coffins in style!

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  2. Oracus's Avatar

    Oracus said:


    LOL - sex sells, always has always will

  3. Bez625's Avatar

    Bez625 said:


    if they cud guarantee sum of them in the afterlife then those coffins wud sell like hot cakes,

  4. shadygeezer's Avatar

    shadygeezer said:


    I wouldn't mind the madonna i reckon that would put me in it too
    Smile it's the second best thing you can do with your lips:D :D :D
    I'd walk a mile for one of your smiles and even
    farther for that thing you do with your tongue.
  5. Epiphany's Avatar

    Epiphany said:


    its quite sad when u think aqbout it.....
  6. stimpy's Avatar

    stimpy said:


    lol, enough to give an old duffer a heart attack.

    Then of course he will need a coffin. Perfect.

    Marvellous marketing if you ask me.
  7. monsta's Avatar

    monsta said:


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  8. mofoplan's Avatar

    mofoplan said:


    thats strangly disturbing... chix on coffins... uh huh thats a new concept...?? =S

    and yet i cant stop lookin !!
  9. dingle_666's Avatar

    dingle_666 said:


    ok lets get my coffin ordered ready