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    malcomc007 said:

    Default unlocking sky box

    can any one tell me how you unlock a sky digital box from its card so you can use anuther card , cheers
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    Timmy said:


    isn't the card tied to the box and not the other way around?
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    althetaff said:


    Thats right,
    You can use as many cards in your box as you want (as long as they are married to it)

    If you want to get a card re-activated for a different box, then phone sky or the bbc (if its a fta) and they will re-marry it for you.

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    baza said:


    check digitalupdate forum about connecting other cards to your digi box, sure i read you can do it in their?
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    Vish said:


    malcomc007 if you do find out how to do it without having to ring sky or BBC let me know please
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    polosolo said:


    try this i read a post about this on a forum
    place card in digi box then go to services
    engineers setup and do a new instalation
    and the card should then be ok with the box