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    When you install X-Ecuter or Enigmah-X in your xbox,can you play ps2 games?
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    Yes, it lets you use Ps2, Gamecube and Nasa Challenger Shuttle Simulation Software
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    Also after modding my Xbox it runs PS3 games which it gets by cracking the space time continium and downloading them in real time to my vortex crystal modchip. I tell you Halo 2 is sweet!! (yes they ported it to the PS3 -for shame)

    But seriously this is a little bit of a daft question, the answer is no mod chips do not convert your console into another console - this is impossible.

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    LOL I'm closing this anyway as it should be in the MOD SECTION !
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    and i'm moving it to join its brother in the HOS then i'm banning them both