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    ok i recently heard about some kind of s|(y s/w update that now tells u when ur batteries in yer remote are dying...

    so i looked around to see how to do the forced update, and apparetly u hold the back up button on the box while switching off and back on at the mains .... gave that a try.. didnt work... or do anything noticable... tried just holding back up while switching off and on at the box front panel ... nuthin....

    am i doin sommat wrong?? why the hell isnt it working? or is the update only for certain boxes... does the update even exist??

    i have a Pace 2500

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    I can confirm the update exists Marco - It's been annoying the hell outta me for two days the batteries still work but it insists on reminding me they're running low - I mean I haven't even taken the back off and rolled them up and down so I'm sure as **** not replacing them yet

    It must have added this feature automatically cos I definatley didn't ask for it