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    dunno if this has been asked b4, or even if its in the rite forum but neway. Is every1 else gettin these spanish msgs going through hotmail an if so does ne1 know how to stop them?

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    do they have .cpl files attached? I (fortunately) ain't getting them but one of my m8s is. Apparntly the cpl files are viruses.
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    YES!!!! I GET THEM AND THEY ARE PISSING ME RIGHT OFF! SORRY FOR THE CAPS BUT THIS REALLY IS SOMETHING THATS BEEN PISSING ME OFF!!! Im always checking my inbox to find ive got about 2 or 3 times the storage amount in my junk mail cos of these fucking emails
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    yeh chev i know wat u mean m8, they are a nuisance. i gathered that they wud be a virus an i think AVG identified them as a worm but how do u get rid of them? From the looks of it its sendin a mail to every1 in ur address book so even if u get it off ur comp its bein sent back through other ppls address'. If any1 knows how to get rid of it or how to stop them coming im sure a lot of ppl wud want to know besides us,


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    yeah ive had a few and all, they all seem to be from ppl in my adress book and they all have the same spanish message and virus attached

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    Apparently Hotmail are taking steps to curb the ammount of spam received by its members. They seem to have finally realised that Hotmail users get miles more than any other company.