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    Hi there

    I'm using a PS2 at the moment for DVD, not the best I know but ok for the moment till I get new DVD in couple of months. Its got DTS out and its connected to the amp via optical.

    Despite this cant seem to get the DTS symbol to light up on the amp.

    Any ideas? I've tried changing the audio settings on the disc but no joy.

    How do i set up the PS2 to output DTS....i'm sureit has DTS out.
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    Well the PS2 does have DTS sysmbol on the casing so you would think it would work.

    Have you been in the settings menu to see if there's a DTS or Optical ON option.

    I don't have surround sound so never bothered to look myself.
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    Yup have turned on the optical out but nothing there for DTS

    havn't the foggiest!!
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    this may sound stupid but are you watching a film with a DTS soundtrack? as i tried it with Die Hard and it works perfect. so make sure the fil you are watching has a DTS soundtrack.
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    sorted m8!! hehe...i selected dts and reset the ps2 and now it remembers it....looks like if u select DD and DTS on options it defaults to DD...so you choose DTS and restart the PS2...something like that...it's working now...thx for the help ppl