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    Nice Fanny!

    A woman who had been complaining of pains in her upper body and feeling
    generally unwell, arrived home after a visit to her doctors,

    "Well" said the husband, " tell me what the doctor diagnosed as the problem,

    she replied, that after a doing a full examination of her, the doctor had
    had told her that she had a really nice fanny.

    The husband enraged by this comment, stormed down to the doctors, burst into
    his surgery, grabbed the terrified doctor and pinning him up against the
    wall demanded to know what he meant by telling his wife that she had a
    really nice fanny.

    The doctor replied "I don't know what you're talking about, what I said to
    your wife was

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    ha ha ha i thought was funny anyway m8 lol
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    lol nice one: