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    is there a new werewolf movie being made in holly wood with craig fairbrass not seen nothing to back it up

    as far i can remember i read about it some where i think it was called skinwalkers but every time i do a search i get webpages about indian legends on skinwalkers

    some shed some light on this subject please

    maybe webby you can help dude
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    lo mate -

    there was a film made this year called 'SkinWalkers' - it was a 'made for TV' movie and was based on the indians..

    The story revolves around the legend of the skin walkers or "S Dubs", a folk legend from Utah about the spirits of murdered Indians returning to seek revenge upon those who disrespect the land
    i shall give it another go and see if i can find anything relating to werewolfs..
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    Default CHEERS M8

    yeah if you can i would appreciate it if you can find out where i can get me mits on it?