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    I am introducing myself to this board as I hope to find wonderful gobs of information here. I found this board from another forum (Vidomi) where someone metioned alot of information on the digital world of which I like to swagger into as often as I can.

    My background is in hi tech land. I work in the wireless world (hence the nomiker) trying to bring data to all of you consumers via wireless technologies. I work in Telecom corridor in Dallas, Tx and if you know anything about our present hi tech state, you know that I am lucky to still be employed in this area! My background is in engineering (EE degree) but I do alot of managing and product development now.

    Anyway, my latest technology craving is digital video. It is a technology in it's infancy relative to joe-user, and I am absorbing as much technical information as I can on the subject. You want a challenge, then try and figure out the best codecs out there for your application! Insane! Of course I need to know the minute details of the compression algorithm and such, being that I am enthralled with technology (like many of you here). I am building a digital editing computer (sweet machine!) and looking forward to many hours of DVD creation.

    Anyway, thanks for assembling this information all in one area and I hope that I may contribute in some small way.
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    nice intro Wireless

    I hope you find all you are looking for and Im sure youll be able to make some good contributions here in helping others.
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