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    has ne1 found ne devices that use serial ata yet i picked up a msi board that supports it but never seen ne devices for it yet
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    Serial ATA is pretty cool, if you dont use it u can always stick a dongle on the end and use it as a normal port You want to check out seagate, maxtor and ibm
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    I purchased an ASUS board with serial ata a couple of weeks ago, but I had to take the dam thing back as I could not get any serial ata adapters to use std hard drives to set up raid.
    I think serial ata is still in its infancy & if manufactures start supplying the boards you get adapters with them so u can use them. I also doubt that u would actually gain much untill there are serial hards drives availlable.
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    aye SATA is still developing atm- still needs muchos refineos imo.

    Give it a few years and it will be indespensable- untill the next tech fad comes along :|
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    I just got an Intel motherboard with two Serial ATA connectors,
    I didn't find any hardware to wire it up to though.

    Is it faster using a Serial ATA than Parallel 40 connector?
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    Default Serial ATA

    Hard Drives are now starting to appear, next time you upgrade your hard disk, consider looking for serial ATA ones.

    They are very quick and also serial ata is very neat, just a nice thin cable. Excellent if you built a large system with lots of drives.

    Lot thinner than round ide cables.

    Also you can chain more devices with serial ATA and no need
    for master, slave jumpers anymore - hurra!
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    seagate have launched the first S-ATA disks recently, problems with them appear to be they only come with a 1 year warranty, and they dont appear to be much faster than current ide disks.

    As people have already said i myself think that S-ATA is gonna be the norm in the next 18months or so, especially when the 10,000rpm disks are released and the bigger drives. And of course prices will undergo a big decline over the next 6months, its always the same with brand new products so i would advise waiting a few months b4 buying S-ATA disks. While all the eggheads sort out drivers and bios updates and wot not.

    l8rZ SpArKy
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    Seagate Baracuda are the only ones availible. WD and Qunatum will be availible in April/May.
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    PimpMasterT said:


    1st gens run at 150 mb/s

    theoretical transfer is supposed to be 500 so a little while off
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    pesty said:


    current gen 1 disks arent really showing any speed increase as internally the data transfer rate is the same as current hd's
    gen1 promises 150
    with each succesive gen doubling the speed most speed increases on current crop of sata drives is down to the fact almost all of them ship with 8 meg cache on the drive to provide a buffered output.