share internet over hub?

Thread: share internet over hub?

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    share internet over hub?

    I have a netgear hub and 2 computers on my hub, is ther neway i can plug my cable modem in2 that hub (without buyin a router) and share the internet from there?

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    In short, no. You would need a router or set up internet sharing, the main PC would have to be on for the other to get access.
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    i've got that now but my computer randomly resets and it is fukin annoying.

    +i tried 2 download a file 2nite and it wud make the computer restart downstairs except the pc has another problem that a restart results in a hang!
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    If your cable modem is connected to your pc via a network card then install another network card and set a local area netork. or iether use m$ internet sharing or install a proxy server (iproxy) from [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    If you cable modem is connected via usb and you already have a local lan then simply install a proxy server.

    to do this : set your server ip adress to : and the client to and tick i connect via a proxy server in the clients ie setup putting in the ip adress ( of ther server and port 6588.

    launch iproxy on the server and thats it.

    hope this helps.

    oh and if you have xp you could run the internet sharing wizard and make a wizard disk for the clients but its a bit hit & miss by what peeps have told me.
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    You shouldn't need to make wizard disks on XP only older OS eg. Win95/98 etc..