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    A religous couple have vowed not to have sex until they are married. A week before the wedding the woman says "I have something i need to tell you. SInce the age of 12 my boobs havent grown, so i have the breasts of a teenager."
    The man says "Thats ok. I love you whatever. Boobs arent everything."
    Two days before the wedding the man says "I have something i would like to get off my chest too. I am hung like an infant."
    The woman says, "thats ok, i love you for who you are not what you have."
    The wedding goes ahead and that evening they are alone in a hotel room. The man puts his hand into her dress and says, "You're right. You do have small tits don't you?"
    She says "I told you, hope your aren't too upset."
    "No" he tells her.
    She then puts her hand down his trousers and screams the room down. She makes such a noise the hotel manager turns up.
    He enquires into what the noise is about and the woman says "He told me he was hung like an infant"
    The manager looks puzzled and asks the man to explain.
    The man says, "Hey, i tried to explain that it was eight pound six ounces and fourteen inches."
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    Nice hahaha
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    i got near the end of the joke and I was waiting for the term "Straped like a baby's arm", so fooled me :-)