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    Default Wife in hospital :(

    Guy goes to the hospital to pick his wife up after she has been under observation for a few days after not feeling well.

    The doctor takes the husband in a room and tells him to brace himself because there’s bad news to follow…

    “What is it doctor, is she ok?”

    “Well we got her files mixed up on the hospital computer and we are unsure if the problems were cause by Alzheimer's disease or A.I.D.S!”

    The guy asked “so what am I supposed to do then ?!?!?!”

    The doc says “My advice to you is to take her a drive out in the country-side, and LEAVE HER THERE!”

    “What” he replied, “I cant do that”

    Doc : “It’s the best way, trust me, and IF she does find her way home, for fooks sake, don’t shag her!!”
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    Lol - good one Morph.
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