NTL 1MB service download speeds?

Thread: NTL 1MB service download speeds?

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    Tuckerisgreat said:

    Default NTL 1MB service download speeds?

    Im getting NTL 1MB cabe internet tomorrow and i was wondering on average what are the download speeds?
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    Pegasus said:


    Assuming conditions are OK and the server at the other end has sufficient bandwidth, you can expect download speeds in the region of 115KB/s.
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    Tuckerisgreat said:


    damm its a 1mb and i only get that? cant i unlock some of the speed? if its a 1mb line i should get 1mb
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    mozart19682 said:


    no pleasing some folk !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    PeeWee-2k said:


    i believe u are confusing your bits and bytes. The line is 1 megabits per sec. And as there are 8 bits to a byte, to get the max download speed divide 1024 (1Mbps) by 8 (which is 120KB/s) and you get the download speed in bytes which is what Pegasus Team said, about 115KB/s in reality
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    Tuckerisgreat said:


    ok cheers guys i got it set up and im pleased with it thank you
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    Digi said:


    Not Bragging or anything but got Telewest 1mb myself and average 133kbps with a top speed of 141kbps and not to rub salt in the wound it's £15 cheaper

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    BomFunkDaddy said:


    ive got telewest and i only get 120 kb then it tops out
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    toastermagic said:


    I've got NTL cable in Brighton, I'm paying £24.99/month for 512Kbs. However, they haven't got around to capping it yet so you can sometimes squeeze ~600 out of it (just under 70KBs).
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    ultra238a said:


    NTL, I belive upgraded the speed to 600Mbit/sec just so they can say they are faster than BT ADSL (who are doing loads of advertising at the moment) hence 70 > 80Kbits/sec


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    dirtyrider said:


    Ive had 1 mbs on ntl now for quite some time, the max dl speed ive seen is around 130 kbs.
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    BatDude said:


    I'm pretty sure that NTL's services are all capped. I've got the 512 package and regularly get 70kb/s but I've often seen peak speeds of 105+!! And they want £50 per month for the 1Mbps service.

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    Tuckerisgreat said:


    ive had it a few weeks now and my download speeds are usally 150k - 200k
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    Fiddla said:


    unless im getting false readings my telewest 1meg line has peaked at 330kb/s on small downloads for round about half the download then drops to around 130 / 160 kb/s !!

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    {film_man} said:


    What does it cost?
    Broadband Internet is as good value as it is fast.

    In this section you'll find a list of the services available to you and what they cost. We've tried to keep it as simple as possible so there are no hidden costs or surprises.

    Total charges for ntl:home Broadband Internet Monthly Installation
    128K Broadband £14.99 £25 **
    600K Broadband £24.99 FREE **
    1Mb Broadband £34.99 * FREE **

    * Special promotion until 31/12/02. Standard charge £49.99 per month.
    ** Offer valid until 31/12/02. Standard charges £75 new customers, £50 existing customers.

    ntl:home services not available in all areas
    Subject to minimum term contract
    Payment by direct debit
    Subject to subscription to other ntl:home services and installation

    i am on ntl and i have got the 512kps should be 600Kps oh well time to bitch