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    Default Pace launches new 'sleek,' 'faster' Sky Digital box

    Pace Micro Technology has launched a new Digibox for Sky digital. The Digibox, which sports a sleek, sophisticated new design, is now available. Pace's new Digibox, as with all other Digiboxes, will enable Sky digital viewers to access interactive services, switch channels and navigate Sky's on-screen Electronic Programme Guide. The elegant design includes a platinum fascia and sleek, flat-faced front panel that complements the look of leading-edge home entertainment equipment. Front-panel functionality buttons also enable full 'on box' manual control. "Pace's new Digibox is a retailer's dream. It's big on speed, small on size, looks fantastic and is environmentally friendly - making it an easy sell to customers. It also makes a perfect demonstration and display model as its superior speed clearly demonstrates the quality of Sky Digital's entertainment and interactive services." Click here for the picture of the new box.

    looks more cheapo 80's white plastic rather platinum lol.. must just be bad lighting

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    its probably faster at crashing than the old piece of shite too.
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