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    a 16 year old boy who was subjected to a two month bullying campaign at school following the september 11th murders in the USA is now sueing his local authority.

    Now if a school fails to protect a pupil then they should get their arses kicked (it has to work both ways), however what makes this case unusual is not only the length of time after the bullying was stopped (almost 11 months) but also the reasons given.

    This student failed his gcse's and now he has to find some excuse so of course its because he got bullied 8 months before his exams, now that looks more like a little oppertunism with of course the nice chance of a cash payout from a cash starved local authority, can anyone imagine what the school system would be like if every non moslem child who was bullied decided to sue their schools? (maybe they should as then the schools would be forced to do something about the current free reign moslem bullying thay goes on or maybe they should sue the mosques for encouraging it?).

    Original Source : Asian eye 19/09/2002
    also featured in the guardian (same date)

    He failed, so what, maybe the local authority should sue him for wasting their teachers time at school.
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    Simple. This was bullying at a completely different level.
    It must have been a very trumatizing experience, one that could haunt him for life.
    What should he have done to prove that this was very serious? Commit suicide?

    Imagine what kind of hell that kid had to face from those idiotic racist bastards.

    I say well done to him, he should have sued the bullies and there messed up families too - and also, the school should do a better job of protecting there students.

    I've said what i had to say
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    i actualy agree with you on this one, any bullying is traumatic for the victim and must be stopped as soon as possible, however given the trauma caused in many northern schools by racist bullying by moslems i seriously doubt it was any worse for this child than for the victims of the moslem gangs, with one over riding point, i have no doubt that the racist scum who were picking on this child were severely punished and branded racists, wheras those from the moslem community who bully non moslem children rarely get any kind of punishment for fear of the victim or those who should give out the punishment being called racist, that too can seriously screw you up.

    All bullying should be stopped and racist bullying especialy (along with homophobic and nerd bashing) sadly moslem on whit bullying is hardly ever classed as racist, leaving the victim unable to prevent it.

    Schools do all attempt to prevent bullying (usualy without any success) but in this day and age just what can they do without singleing out the victim for more trouble? i'm sorry but sueing is simply not the answer (unless you are just doing it for the money)

    its another case where the wrong people are being sued, as you rightly say he should be sueing the bullys (but there would be no cash in that)
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    Do you hear stories of children who lost parents in the Twin towers cowardly attack bitching about failing exams ?
    Thier complete lives are fucked up due to cowardly acts and they cant sue anybody can they ?
    There are 3 types of people in the world - those who make things happen, those who watch things happen; and those who wondered what happened.

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    they gettin payed off so they cant sue the US. 1 Millllllion dollars i think
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    some of them are suing the saudi government officials and others for 1 trillion $ (but its not likely they'll get it even if they win)

    Please remember that iraq pays a large amount of money to the famlies of those who die murdering innocents in isreal, but people seem to forget that