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    tom999 said:

    University - Loughborough

    Hey guys,

    Some of u will remember my should I shouldn't I go off to uni thread. Well I’m off to Loughborough in a few days now.

    So two things, on this massive board at least a few others must be at Loughborough??

    and second anyone got any tips? I got my loan, got my bank acc. and accommodation - anything else I need to sort?

    cheers, T
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    Chip2k said:


    Yeah, I didnt go lufbra but loads of my mates did, make sure you dont get accomadation in towers as they are shite. If u like cheezy music then lufbra is brilliant but for a decent night out go nottingham/leicester/london (easy on the train)
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    eminem said:


    Make sure u get a double bed just incase

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    GETanner said:


    Agreed, Towers, stay well clear, can be a bugger climbing the steps after a few jars.

    If you get Toad Hall, (Butler Court), I hope you get somebody who is clean and goes a away a lot.

    Telford Court was being fitted with Ethernet connections when I finished.

    Though Loughborough Town is not the most kicking of places, there always something to do at the Uni. FND is always meat market time. Nottingham and Leicester are not that far away (10 miles north or south) but the late night trains and buses (Unless they have changed the timetable again) are not that very "late night" a car would be handy though they can get a bit tight on permits.

    Had a fantastic 5 years at Loughborough, though that could be due to playing far to much Rugby and the associated drinking.

    Just remember that every other sporting Uni in the Country will

    a) Hate you because of Loughborough
    b) Always try their hardest to beat you because it's Loughborough


    c) Applied and got rejected by Loughborough.

    Congrats on getting a place and enjoy every minute of it.

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    Junior said:

    Things to do

    If you get too bored on a saturday night go to a sleepy ex-mining town called Coalville. Find the Emporium and experience the best club in the midlands, if not one of the best in the country. PASSION! Its called so with good reason. Actually don't allow yourself to get bored, just go. They say prevention is better than cure.:bleh:
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    ParadoX said:


    Loughborough's alright realy I live about 6 miles away, plenty of boozers to go to, the griffin and the phanton are good.
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    GETanner said:


    For a cracking Steak on Sundays, the Swan is a fine pub to visit.

    Great ales too.

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    tom999 said:


    Cheers for all that, Im not really that big on sports apart from the gym which im intending to get back into when i go. However Im figuring sporting uni - fit birds ;-)

    Im in rutherford halls - anyone got any good or bad tales to tell :-)

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    GETanner said:


    Ah yes, Rig-Rutt. The halls nearest to the Union. Oh so handy.

    Don't forget the story of the lad who opened the wrong exam results and jumped from Towers.

    Really confuss freshers by calling the William Morris Bar the "Top Bar" it's original name until Bill-Mo moaned they had no bar.

    The Ferrari garage by the station is always happy to give students a test drive

    Yes, fit girls are all over the place (summer is something to look forward to) though thanks to the Uni now offering "academic" courses such as english and history, the amount of intelligent but minging lasses has increased over the years. Still they are always grateful for a portion of man meat.

    Even if you are going to learn a new sport, do not let the facilities at Lufbra go to waste, plenty of fit girls can be found at the jujitsu courses while the Woman's rugby team always goes against Uni tradition and has plenty of hetro and bi girls playing. Good chance of 3-somes with the rugby girls, from first hand experiences.

    Oh, and if you are thinking of living off campus next year, either the Leopold Street area is good place to start, close to town, close to uni, close to pubs but do not forget the Falk-Egg halls. Houses of 8, cook your own meals but cleaners every day. Cheap as chips too.