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    When i was cancellin my fone with dialaphone i had 2 ring loads of people 2 find out that i had 2 send a letter to cancel my contract. it pissed me off that i cud ring up and orda a fone with a credit card, and i can buy stuff ova the fone with one but i hav 2 send them a leta 2 cancel it.

    newayz turned out they wanted 3 months notice as well so i had 2 keep the fone for longer.

    i cant remember which 3rd party i bort it from but i'm with orange, can i ring up orange and tell them 2 cancel the fone?

    P.S. I may b entitled 2 3 months free line rental or sumthing is ther neway i can find out.
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    3 months?

    Its actually a 30 day notice you have to give.

    This kind of stuff happens all the time, threaten with trading standards and stuff, and u should get a couple of months free line rental, or a cheque.

    Works all the time, when u shit em up
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    so you can cancel a fone at any time then as long as you give orange 30 days notice?

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    yep when ya years contract is over u just tell them via phone or writing (best to find out from network operator) that u want to cancel and after 30 days it be done.