is this a scam?

Thread: is this a scam?

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    kevindj said:

    is this a scam?

    anyone come across this site before: [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    is it for real or are they trying to tuck people up for 15 quid a throw?
    anyone tried them...
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    The-Doc said:


    does look geniune anough but not sure whether to try it or not??
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    Hangman said:


    This is very probably for real. But that doesn't mean there are no risks.

    I have bought from online cheap cig sites before and sometimes the package is picked up by customs. If it is the postman will ask you for a cheque to pay for the missing tax.

    It just depends if it manages to make it through without being caught.
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    crack_it said:


    wots the risk of them geting then taxed off u at customs
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    Brunnen-G said:


    Do You Ship Internationally?

    No, we ship from our BONDED WAREHOUSE to the US and Canada ONLY.
    Customs not an issue i'm afraid.