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Thread: Modem and BT

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    Default Modem and BT

    Now im sure theres a simple explanation for this but I cant find it

    Just set up a pc for a friend who lives in a semi remote village
    Ran the pc at home got setup for the net and was able to connect no probs at home,
    Upped the pc to there house and I cant get the net what so ever, dialers say that they cant detect a carrier tone

    Dialed the relavent numbers from there phone and got the tone, however when the cable from the modem to the pc is plugged in the volume on the line goes low, disconnect it and the line returns to normal volume.

    So ive assumed its not BT's problem, it must be the modem/drivers but that doesnt add up when it works on my home phone

    An ideas anyone?

    Thanks in advance

    An ever going grey Suityou69

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    I think it's down to not enough gain on the line. BT can up this. Or you could try unticking 'wait for dial tone' in the dial-up options.

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