Mod worth it without a dvd writer?

Thread: Mod worth it without a dvd writer?

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    Default Mod worth it without a dvd writer?

    I have only a cdrw and dont plan to buy a dvd writer, do all the latest games come on cd or cd rips... do u miss much? also do emulators and apps etc work using cdrs?

    thanks for helping
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    this all depends on how you plan on obtaining the games in the first place, if you are going to backup originals with evolution-x, then most of the games are on DVD-R and you will need a dvd writer to burn them.

    if you plan on downloading your games then just download the cd-rip version, usually some intros and movie cut scenes are cut out, and stuff like other movie and audio files are cut and downsampled.

    if you are choosing the second option then you will need to find a brand of CDR-W that your xbox likes, not a lot of people have had ANY CD-R working at all (though some have), so find a CDR-W your box likes and your away, you might have to test quite a few brands tho to get one it likes.

    Dont forget the other option aswell m8, you could put a 120gig hard drive in your xbox and put them all on there, then delete them as and when you wish, i beleive they load a lot faster too from the hard drive, and a 120gig hard drive will hold a shiteload of games.

    something to think about there
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    cheers for the advice, I was planning on downloading them but have just checked the xbox newsgroups and their all dvdrs so guess dvdrips are pretty unpopular will have to check direct connect or something. Just with the price cut the idea of dreamcast like pirating but with the latest games for £200 prechipped is tempting.
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    I haven't got a DVD Writer but get on fine. I just unpack the ISO and send it directly to my XBOX HD and play it from there....faster loads times and saves on DVD if the game is shit (*cough* Sega GT *cough*)
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    don't rely on your xbox's dvd rom too much. It's crap anyway, and if you use cd's too much it'll wear it out (trying to keep up with dvd transfer rate, at cd limitation. cd 1x =150 kb/s dvd 1x = 1350 kb/s) I believe that's correct, if it's wrong, please inform me.