Hogan left the WWE? (Hope so ;)~)

Thread: Hogan left the WWE? (Hope so ;)~)

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    Default Hogan left the WWE? (Hope so ;)~)

    Just read this on iowrestling.com, I thought he was only injured. Looks more political if anything...

    "The tentative plan for Hulk Hogan's WWE return is for the return to take place sometime this year. Hogan was last seen on WWE television being laid out by Brock Lesnar so WWE already has a ready made feud for Hogan when he returns. Hogan originally left WWE due to a fallout with Vince McMahon over payment for the Australian Smackdown show which Hogan was pulled out due to several reasons given by WWE, one being Hogan having a sore back. The situation got worse when WWE public relations people portrayed Hogan as an old man at media events in Australia.".

    Put the silly old fooker out to pasture, he's past it.
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    There's still big money matches to be made with Hogan. I reckon his last match will be against Vince with Hogan losing to feed Vince's ego.
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    I hope his last fight is against Vince. He may be a big name but is incapable of lasting a full match. You have to worry as much about his health as how much of a prat he looks dawdling around the ring. So much young talent in the WWE - use it for f*ck's sake.
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    i agree whole heartedly, use hogan in a pm sense