Installing Pioneer 104 no cables

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    I have just bought a pioneer 104 from svp. The drive comes with no cables, mounting screws etc. I have swapped this drive over with my cdr and it is working. I would like to reinstall my cdr but am not sure how to link it up, which cables do I need to get and where would I get them. Also where would the cables be plugged into on the motherboard, BIOS settings etc. Any help greatly appreciated.
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    It is most likely that your Drives are both IDE and you can connect 2 devices per IDE cable - you should be able to have both on the cable you already have, UNLESS - the cable that your pioneer is on is current also plugged into the Hardrive then you will need another IDE cable and plug it into the free socket on the Motherboard next to the other one. there are 2 IDE sockets on your motherboard and they will be next to each other.

    Bios setting should be set to auto for all 4 IDE devices (its just easier that way) If the CDR is going to be on the same cable as the Pioneer it must be set to Slave with the jumpers on the back of the drive, If itsgoing to be on its own on an IDE cable it should be set to master.

    Hope this helps