Dual Proccessor Mainboards ?

Thread: Dual Proccessor Mainboards ?

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    Dual Proccessor Mainboards ?

    Hello guys, I wonder if any of you could advise\help me decide on a new board? Point me in the right direction ? I have 2 x 933 PIII(SECC) and 2 x 1.4 PIII(FCPGA) obviously I'd rather have the bigger chips on one board, but the 933's will do fine too. My problem is that I seem to be unable to find any boards that can take any more than 2 x1gig processors, and even at that I can only seem to fine Tyan boards, which I have never used or dealt with. so.................3 questions? who makes good dual pro boards? CAN I get a board to take more than 2 x 1Ghz ? Where can I find out more about them? Thankx in advance for ANY help anyone can offer, CHEERS!!
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    Hello mate,

    Aopen make dual processor motherboards..

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    All I know about dual processor motherboards could be written on the back of a stamp, so I'm not gonna be much use to you

    Tom on the otherhand knows everything about everything So check out his reviews of 6 dual processor main boards [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    Hope that this helps a little m8 All the best
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    If you don't mind shelling out a few pennies the latest Computer Shopper has a section on dual processor systems.

    It got a basic introduction and then reviews of boards and specs etc.

    all the boards review take 2Ghz plus and I think Tyan came out top though pretty pricey....
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    Supermicro do some P3 tualatin boards with Via chipsets or serverworks chipsets. The serverworks chipset boards are proberbly expensive £400 upwards.
    Here is the link;
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    Failing that you could always try Ebay. I got a 370DDE mobo off there. The box was still sealed and had never been used. Got the board for £95 same board from Scan at the time, £350.00.

    There are a few dual proc mobo's on ebay at the moment.
    Have a look
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    Hey theres already a Thread!

    I was going to post a new thread till I found this one - I know nothing about dual proccesor setups - Im bidding on an old Tyan Tiger dual mobo (Slot 1) on Ebay - now do the processors have to be the same? or will a 233 and a 266 co-exist?

    Sorry as I said I know nothing