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    Default 8210 not working properly

    Im hoping one of you guys can help me, my 8210 got wet (not soak, it was in my pocket and it was pissing it down, so some drops of water got inside) about week ago, and none of the keypad buttons would work, so i dried it out in the airing cupboard and the buttons worked again. But now i find that when i talk on the phone to people they can bearly hear me even when i shout down it, so im guessing its the microphone bit.

    So does anyone know how i can fix it? or how much it will cost to get it fixed?

    Thanks for any help,
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    I think getting a microphone will do the trick mark

    Mics are about £5 i think [Of course the GSM Genius Rude will know] Fitting depends who does it

    Hope I helped

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    Aswell as a new mic, you may need to give it a quick rinse in a PCB cleaner, as some of the tracks may have got wet. I'd just try a new mic first though, as it's cheaper and easier. [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] now sell spare parts, so you'd be best getting them from there, although you may find them cheaper on GSM forums.

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    Thanks for the help, just ordered a new microphone and the nokia screww driver.