New PC Spec, What do you think?

Thread: New PC Spec, What do you think?

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    Scottio200 said:

    New PC Spec, What do you think?


    Gonna sell my current pc and get a totally new one to build again.

    Here are my specs

    Motherboard - Abit AT7 MAX 2 - £148.05
    CPU - AMD Athlon XP 2200 - £124.34
    Heatsinc/fan - Alpha PAL8045 - £37.42
    RAM - Crucial 512MB DDR2700 - £116.09
    Mouse - Microsoft Explorer Optical Mouse (USB) - £36.43
    Keyboard - Microsoft Internet Proressional Keyboard - £29.99
    DVD - LiteOn 16x48 DVD Rom Drive - £34.21
    CD-RW - LiteOn 40x12x48 CD-RW Drive - £43.77
    Hard Drive - Caviar SE Hard Disk Drive 120Gb EIDE 8.9ms 7200rpm 8mb cache - £141.82
    Floppy - Panasonic Floppy Disk Drive 1.44MB 3.5 inch internal - £7.37
    Graphics Card - Gainward Geforce 4 4400 128MB VIVO - £234.88
    Case - Chieftech Scorpio TX-10BLD Blue - £88.13

    Total Price = £1042.50

    I have included the prices to see if people can find them cheaper than this? These are all online prices, i could probably get em cheaper at a computer fair but dont get the time off work to go!

    Im probably gonna change the Graphics Card to the New Abit one out monday with the new cooling thing, and im not sure on the case, they look nice but im not keen on the door on the front

    Any suggestions on what to get, what not to get, or what to improve?

    My price range is around the £1000 - £1050 mark, cant really afford to go higher.

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    fe_man2000 said:


    dont bother with the GF4400 - get a GF 4200 and overclock - its £99 at scan, the 4400 is greatly overpriced for its power - and you are paying over the odd as well if there asking for £234.