Can Anyone Confirm This !!!!

Thread: Can Anyone Confirm This !!!!

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    pizza-man said:

    Default Can Anyone Confirm This !!!!

    All i hear everyday is GameCube games can or will be copied onto mini dvdr one day

    are the games on mini dvdr ??? my thinking is no
    (correct me if i am wrong)

    i always thaught that gamecube games come on mini optical disk
    made only for nintendo

    i know the disks are the same size as mini dvdr or mini cd's
    but are different

    anyone confirm this ??? as in 100% (no rumours please or saying ur m8s said this and that)
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    Gavin M said:


    rumours are that there burned outside to inside too, is this also true ? if so then they wont be on mini dvd-r, unless u can mod'y your dvd-r drive some how.
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    El_Dadou said:


    DC was also reading disc from inside to outside ... was this some kindda problem to burn images ?