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    after modding many many x-boxes I want to confirm it's true there is a new version that came out during 8/2002
    different things: re done mainboard, no fan on the nvidia video chip, small chip missing behind the onboard bios.
    different connection for the control leads inside.small board is now missing that the control leads plugged into.NEW DVD ROM USED PHILLIPS BRAND, not as loud as the Thompson but still whats the point without a mod chip.
    all mod chips I tried wont work. I will put some pics here tomorrow.with the new bios number as well ! !
    If you fit the evox mod chip the machine wont power up, it's just keeps flashing, on/off no screen, no nothing.
    Hope this is'nt a major setback in the mod chip world.
    Seems all new AUSTRALIAN models are like this now.


    Interesting stuff
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    my xbox just came in the post yesterday, luckily its from March

    All i can say is get your xboxs now
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    i can see a panic settin in, there will be a rush of xbox sales
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    read this, ms have confirmed it themselves now, and it says look at the date it was made If it's August 2002 or later , buy at own risk. If it's prior August 2002 , it should be a v1. (the date is written in the year-month-day format)

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