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    ..... can i change the menu names on my phone, i have a nokia 3310, and would like to change my menu names

    for example

    change battery empty to refuel
    phonebook to my numbers

    etc etc etc

    i have all the cables i need just wanna know what software to use

    hope some one can help
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    Make a backup of your MCU and PPM, and then use PPM Manager, from [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] - open the flash in that, and use the explode flash menu to extract every word. Edit the txt file to what words you want, and then save it back update CRC's, flash back to phone.

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    Make backup without eeprom, also make a complete backup with eeprom as a safe guard incase anything goes wrong.


    1) load the back up ( without eeprom ) in to ppm manager 0.91
    2) Go to tools
    3) click on text chunk
    4) Click export as text file
    5) Open up the text file edit the names u wish to edit and press save
    6) Go back to tools
    7) Go to text chunk and click on import from text file
    8) Click on update PPM CRC's
    9) Click save or save as and make a new file
    10) Flash the file back to the phone
    11) Update FAiD and reset factory settings if needed
    12) Sit Back And Smile.


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    how do i back the flash up?

    sorry im new to this...
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    Full tutorial and tools here for 3310 to 3315 conversion if thats any good to ya

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