8210 ir link cover LOST!!!

Thread: 8210 ir link cover LOST!!!

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    satzzz said:

    Default 8210 ir link cover LOST!!!

    Just wondered if anyone knew where I can purchase the little dark red IR link cover from an 8210.Mine's popped off and gone missing so I need to replace it
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    my m8 lost his and orange apparntly told him it would be 50 quid 2 replace it which is ridiculous. I did find a site a while ago which i think sells them 4 a fiver, which is expensive 4 a piece of plastic but nice 2 fix it. hav look on the net, i was lookin for back covers 2 8210's at the time
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    eh the screen is ****ed on my 8210 so you can buy my ir cover if you want