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    ok i have a car in japan sorted the person is going 2 handle ALL paperwork there side and the CAR IS F.O.B ok so i need 2 pay this end 4 shipping handling paperwork etc ...
    i know all the inz and outz but i need a good Cargo Agents/Freight Forwarders to pay the ship charges and customs vat etc ...
    i need one who is not gona rip me so im looking for a recomendation ....
    if ya know what im talking about and can help me theres a drink in it for ya time ...
    nice one
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    hi...Japan! just import from Eire and pay in euros get registered straight away over border in Belfast..piece of piss he he he..
    most garages will do it all for u. u get brand new car for the price of a car nearly needing its first MOT