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    Default 8210 signal problem

    hi guys just had the above unlocked on the market cost £5.00p noticed that the signal is very bad now. guy used some kind of box and did not connect to pc or anything,phone switched off then back on.presume the box is pre programmed and will not damage the phone so what would the problem be?
    the phone was on orange and I am now using it on the voda connection,it is very annoying someone will ring up and the phone rings once before the signal dies and the display shows no signal available.
    any suggestions would be more than welcome

    regards ssyd.
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    fonetech said:


    Can you discribe the box a bit more ?
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    ssyd said:


    sorry other than it needed a connection to the phone via the battery and he had some kind of lead that plugged in the bottom of the phone.

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    RudeYute said:


    An unlock clip!

    Maybe the signal is duie to the network? Or you didn't notice it before?