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    Baros is the good thing to come out of Owen's dry spell, aswell as a few goals from midfield which were what we seemed to be lacking. So what is the problem? I don't think there is one and I am confident that Liverpool can win the premiership this season.
    Owen will be over this bad patch within 3 games and then we will be seen as contenders, if it takes longer we have the resources to cope.
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    No problem, I bet he scores at least one on the CL this week. He has been playing well and doing everything but putting the ball in the net. You can not write a player of his quality off just because he has not scored for a few games.
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    Baros and Owen is a mouthwatering partnership, once Owen starts finding the back of the net.
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    I wish the press would get off Michael owen,s back he is just going through a bad patch but i guarantee once Owen scores 1 he will go on a goal run. Once Owen and Baros click they could well fire us to the PremiershiP Title in May. But we have got to stop conceding stupid goals at the back and start turning 2- 2 draws in to victories. Otheer wise i can see Arsenal winning it again. Rather Arsenal than United though.

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