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    getting a new comapany car in a week...stepping up from Ford Focus Zetec to Ford Mondeo 2.0i Ghia.
    any comments, tips, observations please
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    My boss has 1 and he says they are the dog bollocks mate. Had it about a year and if anyone can break a car, he can. Its been perfect all the time.
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    all fords are great,(when brand new) and if u aint payin for it wtf?
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    Like the man says, "all Fords are cheap", but............. that don't make them GOOD! Mondeo's are reliable, cheap to repair and are Nissan Primera's. If you want a quiet car that will run without fault betweeen major services, buy Jap, Ford is, and always will be, second choice IF reliability is anywhere near the top of your agenda. Yeah! you could buy worse, but that don't make your choice the best.
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    Thank you all, I have some say in choice (although not a lot) and it will be company car.
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    Attention Re: Ford mondeo Ghia

    :cartman If you get offered the 130 BHP TDCI, then take it, I've drove both

    which are both excellent, but the new Diesel is powerful/fast and very economical !
    Bomb proof ! Good hunting
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    Dude this thread is 2 years old, I hope he's got a car by now...
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    I can't HOS really as dharve19 did post some decent advise, just 2 years too late!

    I do wish people would check the dates a bit more before posting though.