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    Allright m8s i have a Siemens sl45 mobile phone i havent had it long but what i wanted to know is what is the best unlocking equipment to get for it and also how much would it set me back.

    Also is there one unlocking equipment that does every Nokia mobile phone.

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    you need a siemens maxim dongle and the correct software or you could break the phone

    there are dct3/dct4 unlocking clips but they wont do 7650 / 7210 etc
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    if your going into it big time then you would be best off buying the soft+h\w dongle for siemens,less dead phonez? as for nokia there is plenty of free stuff around that is easy to use with right cables ect, if its just for you and your friends phonez id save your money i do a bit of unlocking but i do it for fun and nearly always for nothink for friends ect.