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    I don't think I've fired up colloquy in what feels like years, when I was running Redmond's finest I used mIRC but not since I made the switch in truth I just sort of drifted away from the whole xdcc etc to Usenet that I could just use without thinking (sabnzb)

    I have to ask is there much fiction, or is it mostly technical/computer related PDFs still?


    Ignore my question, I just logged on after remembering how lol and had a look, don't get me wrong there is loads of books available, fiction and otherwise. But in truth it seems like a step back and while there is a huge selection there wasn't anything I hadn't already grabbed from Usenet at a much higher speed. I think its horses for courses really, some people prefer Usenet others stick to bit torrent, as you get what your looking for I don't think it matters
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    I'm constantly looking out for textbooks. sexual violence, serial killers, abuse etc. along the criminology lines.
    my wife has a degree in criminology and our books shelves are overflowing with books. shame I'm not a VIP member, but this will be great for those that are.