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    I went along to the first WWF in the UK in 1989 I think it was and Savage was fighting Hogan, great night and he looked really small compared to Hogan.

    As the event was the first one and they really under estimated the demand and we got there fairly early and there wasn't anything to buy which was a shame as back then you had to send off to the states to get t-shirts etc which took weeks if not months, we had to rush off at the end to get the train home but I must say the atmosphere was fantastic and I thought the seats would collapse with all the foot stomping in the crowd.

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    DannyLad I have the same name, tho I am not the DAVE TAYLOR who resides in the states and is currently a road agent.

    I am a close friend of Dave Taylor tho as we worked the road together from the late 90,s

    I got involved with wrestling back in 1990 with Drew Mcdonald, “Scottish Highland from hell” He fought some of the biggest names in the business from haystacks to Jake Roberts, undertaker and is well respected, I meet Scott Conway promoter while working as a bodyguard for ECW and done some European events where I first meet Jake Roberts & Dean Simon “Dean Malenko” & Chris Benoit

    While running my own events with Scott Conway, all over Europe & Japan I was approached by Jake Roberts and Christopher Daniels to setup a wrestling school in mainland UK……Daniels dropped out and I used Doug Williams and Jake made for the airport with my cash, left us high and dry.

    He was arrested in FL for starving his snake and non payments for child support and went to jail.

    I then got hired by WWF / WWE as a road agent, & Bodyguard for Shane McMahon & Paul HHH

    I lost some close friends in the wrestling Business and decided to leave and go freelance / I now run a CPU Close Protection Company & VIP Covert Tracking kit
    Trackable Belts etc for Anti Kidnapping.

    I still do all the UK events for WWE & TNA as well as all the GIGs that played in Ireland.

    I just got Brian Norton signed with WWE hes in training at present, watch this space….7.1 kid @ 27 years of age / I spotted him in as small wrestling event in ireland

    Wresting is not as it was back in the late 90,s and the powers to be know it!! Though seem to be doing little to improve it

    I have worked with
    Stampede Wrestling
    New Japan Pro Wrestling and independent circuit
    World Championship Wrestling
    Extreme Championship Wrestling
    World Wrestling Federation
    World wrestling Entertainment
    Total Non Stop Action

    I keep in touch with most of the guys tho no longer watch wrestling

    My GF thinks its CRAP and I am childish to watch it lol
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    Randy Savage vs The Ultimate Warrior, Wrestlemania 8. Best fight ever.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cassy34 View Post
    Randy Savage vs The Ultimate Warrior, Wrestlemania 8. Best fight ever.
    Randy "fought" Ric Flair at WM8

    Now Wrestlemania 3 against Ricky Steamoat is the match to watch

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    Randy "Macho Man" Savage stopped The Rapture

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    Quote Originally Posted by davetaylor View Post
    Extreme Championship Wrestling
    I used to love this. The matches were mad. Remember 1 where Rhyno did a pile driver on a woman from the ring apron through a table to the concrete floor.

    Who, would you say is genuinely the hardest man you have worked with?
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    God bless him!


    Can youtube links be shown in all sections?
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    Was gutted to hear this news. This was back when WWF was properly fun and huge! Now my kids don't really know WWE and it doesn't have the same vibe as it used to.

    RIP Macho Man
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