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    Default Re: Anyone on here have any experience of Bipolar?

    I second this mate about the codeine.... Mrs went mad because she didnt understand that i couldnt spunk.. Im like i dont know why... but I took some codiene that night... interesting.

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    Default Re: Anyone on here have any experience of Bipolar?

    Quote Originally Posted by Fergie73 View Post

    my bi-polar spells lasted 6 months at a time...april to september i was so confident and life was fantastic, october to march every year i was at the lowest low, suicidal thoughts

    I remember reading somewhere a LOT of people's depressive feelings are massively related to the sun and some reaction lots of sun causes giving us a feeling of well being, but the lack of it over autumn/winter has the opposite effect.
    They had some name for it but cant recall

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    Default Re: Anyone on here have any experience of Bipolar?

    SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) meant to be down the lack of blue light, this is considered what wakes us up and gets us going in the morning etc, but this blue light is given off by most of our electronics now TVs, Laptops, Tablets and Phones but in smaller amount obviously.

    So using you phone or laptop before bed could actually hinder you from sleeping as your body thinks its awake time.

    Thanks to akimba

    piggzy (10th July 2015) 

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