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    Default Fiat Scudo Radio Code (Clarion) PU-2294A

    Anyone able to generate the code for this radio please? Van at work is boring as shit all day and music would be a god send!

    I know there is a calculator available, but I don't know where it is for this one.

    Codes needed to decode...

    Serial - CL040161042255C
    Bar Code - C70000005253

    Have tried a calculator and think it's 6421, but can't try it out as its on its last attempt and need to make sure. Can anyone else confirm?

    Edit 2-
    Nevermind. Bit the bullet. I can now decode Clarion codes (C7) for free too as well as Fords (M*****).

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    Default Re: Fiat Scudo Radio Code (Clarion) PU-2294A


    Please read your welcome message

    2 Thanks given to beerman

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