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    Default Been playing with time lapse and panning.

    Got myself a magicam sd19 'GoPro' type of clone and thought I'd try my hand at time lapse as it has the function of continuous shoot. Set up a shot every 3 seconds but it transpires to be about every 5 seconds with preview (looking at disabling that feature next time). First effort was a time lapse of sunset whilst I was out fishing. I could have really framed it better to begin with and take the wide angle of it in to consideration a bit more but on a learning curve. Added some music I made using Magix Music creator:

    Then I decided to look into time lapse with panning. I'm a cheapskate so opted for a cheapo kitchen timer to try it out. A bit of glue here and there got me mounting the camera on my tripod and I gave it a go.

    The kitchen timer mounted:
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    And the results weren't too bad really. A bit short but has possibilities for the future with a bit of tweaking and post production with Sony Vegas:

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    Default Re: Been playing with time lapse and panning.

    Well done mate they both look really good
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    Default Re: Been playing with time lapse and panning.

    Superb mate. Gotta love a time-lapse especially when clouds start to roll in.

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    Default Re: Been playing with time lapse and panning.

    brilliant Burner effort.

    Love that area, used to live on Pier St right next to the sea front opposite Drkaes Island. You need to do a time lapse of when one of the subs come in down to Devonport, obviously when there's a full moon for your light, now that would be stunning.
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    Default Re: Been playing with time lapse and panning.

    looking great, i do a few my self, egg timers are great.
    my egg timer

    my 1st hyper laps

    time laps

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