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    Default Toyota Yaris Sat Nav

    My parents (who live in Spain) have bought a new car. Latest Yaris...

    Anyone know if its possible to install the Sat Nav part of the in car entertainment/tech system in this car?

    Is it a case of loading the maps via USB or DVD? Does the software need flashing?

    More importantly is there any hardware needed to make it work.

    Pressing the navigation button results in a message saying "Not available"

    DJ OD
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    Default Re: Toyota Yaris Sat Nav

    Very hard to say you will need to give more info ....if its a sd card system for now chill unless you know how to change the CID on the new sd card...but more info always helps...The copied dvds for the toyato units can be done but only with the right dvd writer ..... not all dvd writers will make a successful copy.

    Thanks to funkoligy

    DJ Overdose (2nd May 2017) 

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