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    Just read on another forum,
    Updated my vu+solo2 to vix 4.0 and all great,
    Turns out if you just do an auto bouquets scan Ch 5HD will appear in your EPG.
    If you haven't update yet you have to add ch5HD to white list.
    Didn't see anything posted here so went for it.
    Hope this is informative.

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    Very funny, Scotty. Now beam down my clothes
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    Just to add that when updated through the channel list for some boxes!! it appears to work as a free to air channel, but not all the boxes out there yet.
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    It's FTV not FTA so you need a valid sub to view , if you don't have it easy to add to your satellites file or most new software builds have had the amendment done on enigma2 running Abm

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