John Mann MP - Phoney antisemitism row

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    Rant John Mann MP - Phoney antisemitism row

    I am livid, I hate this man with a passion, a despicable, paid shill of the pro-Israel lobby who has torped0ed his own party on the eve of elections.

    There is absolutely no substance to this nonsense, Ken Livingston hasn't got a racist bone in his body. This is just another attempt by the friends of Israel (and its generous lobbying arms) to smear anybody with any sympathies for the Palestinians. It is fucking perverse that the victims and their supporters should be demonised whilst the perpetrators of apartheid and war crimes are painted as the victims.. truly perverse.

    Anyway Mann seems to be part of a wider cabal of [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] looking to unseat Jeremy Corbyn by any means possible, including handing victory to the Tories. Don't these treacherous cunts realise that it only makes Corbyn supporters more determined to keep him as leader? Do they not also realise that tens of thousands of us only joined (or re-joined) Labour because of Corbyn, and if he is ousted then myself and many others will be terminating our membership as I did in 2003 after Blair's phoney war.

    [Ahh... thats better]
    "Don't believe everything you read on the internet"
    -Abraham Lincoln
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    It is truly sad that while the Tories are dismantling the country (at an alarmingly quickening pace), there are Labour MPs more willing to fight their own party rather than the opposition. Completely barmy, but also shows a complete lack of respect for the fact that Corbyn was democratically elected.

    It's not even been a year since the general election, and we've already seen: Tories fighting it out with junior doctors, the starting gun on privatising schools so that they're run by Capita, Cameron using tax avoidance schemes, Tories trying to reduce money for disabled people.

    So all that glorious stuff, and apart from the tax avoidance thing, almost no mention of bad press in the papers. While, over the past year, Corbyn has been demonized for his suit, not meeting the Queen, not bowing properly, not dealing with a reshuffle properly (which didn't exist, it was just drummed up by the media), and now this anti-semite thing. All really important stuff.

    Oh's not all bad. Just another 9 years of Tory rule to go
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    This whole affair is so fucking contrived. Any sane person watching that footage should conclude that the one behaving most like a fascist is John Mann.
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    Great op and excellent posts in return. I think the topic title nails it really.
    *Disclaimer I actually like and admire Corbyn...not ALL of his views but taken as a whole I would vote for him or a younger version of him in a nano second.
    My view here is regardless of weather someone likes or agrees with anything Corbyn says or doesn't say is bloody irrelevant. The people have spoken in a free and democratic election within the rules of the labour party. Attempts to unseat the man before he even gets to produce a manifesto are malicious and misguided. I mean the stuff that Corbyn and his close inner circle have said and are doing must be all good because it has the press in a meltdown....The way I see it is if the mainstream UK press are trying to discredit someone and lambastes ANY and every policy or direction that they take then IMHO that person MUST be for the good of the people as generally the media only lead us into things that are for their own vested interests and that of their "mates" in power.
    I can't see Corbyn lasting until the next GE but I just hope and pray that he has the selection process ect all stitched up in favour of others like him (grass roots activists and the like) so that no matter what the "right" can never ever take total control of the party as they have done since John Smith passed. It is because of all this work going on in the background that these vile back stabbers are upping their moves now to try to unseat him before the selection processes for selecting leaders and mp's and policies are taken back into a more fair and democratic system.
    My only criticism of Corbyn is that he should by now have reshuffled his front bench to have only loyal supporters....Feck this trying to unify because as is all too evident the "Blairites" just don't want to know and they have a feeling that power is theirs by right and to hell with democratic processes because they know better......Or so they think anyway.