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    Default Musical Octopus !

    A guy walks into a bar with an octopus. He sits the octopus down on a stool and tells everyone in the bar that
    this is a very talented octopus. So talented that he can play any musical instrument in the world.
    He hears everyone in the crowd laughing at him, calling him a cunt, etc. So he says that he will wager £50 to anyone who has
    an instrument that the octopus can't play.

    A guy walks up with a guitar and sets it beside the octopus. The octopus starts playing better than Jimi Hendrix, just
    rippin' it up. So the man pays up his £50. Another guy walks up with a trumpet. The octopus plays the
    trumpet better than Dizzy Gillespie. So the man pays up his £50.

    Then a Scotsman walks up with bagpipes. He sits them down and the octopus fumbles with it for a minute and puts it down
    with a confused look.

    "Ha!" the Scot says. "The fecker can't play it?"
    The octopus looks up at him and says, "Play it? I'm going to fuck it as soon as I figure out how to get its pyjamas off."

    Hall Of Shame ??

    Thanks to piggzy

    snowmist (16th July 2016) 

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