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    Action Ghost Recon Wildlands

    I don't know how many of you were lucky like I was recently, but a few days ago I received an email to join the Technical Test for Wildlands

    I was a bit shocked to see this invitation to join in my email, but I had fair warning after a friend joined my discord channel, and started ranting I was apart of the test, and he wasn't haha! Luckily for me at the time I was given an extra 3 keys for friends to join me.

    A little back story for Wildland's from my perspective. I was eagerly waiting for the next Ghost Recon to emerge after the last two installments.. which I have to say were terrible additions to the franchise. I had a few ex-dev buddies who were working at Ubi hinting to me the next version would be something incredible to behold I was quite skeptical after some of the last Ubi games to launch.. we know how bad Ubi's releases have been as of late. Wildlands had some initial media coverage, but suddenly went dark. I couldn't even get my buds to give me some details for awhile.

    Then suddenly we were given a gameplay video of wildlands awhile back show casing where the game was, how it played, and how it looked since the initial press release.. The graphics looked worse, but that's not what I care about personally. I care about how well it plays, and how much enjoyment I can get out of the game.

    Anyhoo seeing the invite, and a nice NDA for the test I decided why not? the download size was hefty which was a plus, and the email gave a fair amount of information how much content we would be seeing in the test. It wasn't one of those 1-2 hour feeler press demo's studio's give out. Nope this test had a fair amount of ground to smash around in, and with full 4 player coop available right off the bat. Without saying of course the game had it's bugs, and issues it's what I would expect from a alpha build at this point, but the core gameplay was stellar. A mix of influences from The Division, Metal Gear Solid 5: Phantom Pain, Just Cause, and Splinter Cell. You could see, and feel how fantastic the game handled just from playing this build. The potential is there to really kick Ghost Recon in the right direction for once.

    I can't go into detail how great the gameplay really was due to the NDA, but they do have some gameplay vid's up on youtube that give you a fair amount of detail of how the technical test played out. We had a lot of content to cover in the test to the point I believe I spent a good 20-25 hours fiddling around with. My guess is the amount of space they let us free-roam in was about 15% of the full size map... Lot's.. lot's of potential here.

    If anything The Division has taught me is to usually wait, and see how a game is when it's released, but for the first time in awhile I already want to pre-purchase wildlands just to be the first one playing it the day it gets released.

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    Default Re: Ghost Recon Wildlands

    Great post matey

    I remember in the days alpha testing new games, a lot of water under that bridge has flown
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