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DF SMS System Overview

The DF SMS System allows your Digital Forums members to interface with text messaging members' own cell phones. This is used to allow members to receive notifications on their cell phones, like when they receive a new private message, or to receive messages from other forum users directly to their cell phones (messaging DF members directly is a VIP feature only)

How It Works

Step 1

Step One: You Own a Phone

That's right. This is yours. It belongs to you.

Step 2

Step Two: You Use Text Messaging

The oh-so-wonderful thing that lets you say what you want to say without actually having to call someone and say it. You know how to use text messaging.

Step 3

Step Three: The Secret Email

But wait! What's this!? Most cell phone companies provide their customers with an email address that allows them to receive email or text messages on their phone. Usually, any email sent to this address will be converted into a text message and sent on to the cell phone. The email is usually in the format of Some places do this for free (including the messages you get through it), others... not free (check with them if you're unsure).

Step 4

Step Four: You See Where This Is Going Now Don't You ?

And so two and two clicks together make four. That's right, DF sends email! The DF SMS System works simply by having DF email a member's texting email address, as it were. Hot shit huh ?

Does It Cost Anything?

Whether or not the DF SMS System costs anything to use varies by user and country. Some cell phone companies provide MMS services for free, and it is often free to receive text messages via MMS even if a user does not have a text messaging plan or has to pay for regular text messages. You may find that the text costs around 10p in the UK.

The DF SMS System itself doesn't cost any money to use or operate, however members should check with their cell phone companies if they are unsure of costs they may incur. A disclaimer is provided in the number setup process.

A database is being built to help identify companies which charge for this service. It will be available in future updates.

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