HP Omen - Anyone got?

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    akimba said:

    Help HP Omen - Anyone got?


    I am looking at getting a new laptop and am particularly drawn to the HP Omen range.

    (the video is out of date is 2014 model)

    But has anyone had one any issues?
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    GTI said:

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    Can't say I know anything about the Omen, however my experience with HP Laptops in general means I will never have anything to do with them again.

    I am referring to the widespread, well documented and reproducible issue with Nvidia GPUs in their Pavialion laptops which essentially rendered my 2 year old machine useless. I tried every homebrew solution available but to no avail. I understand Dell were a lot more sympathetic to their customers, but HP buried its head in the sand and pretended it did not exist. They eventually released a BIOS update which basically made the fan run continuously.
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    I believe your grievance about HP/NVidia was due to a faulty NVidia graphics chipset which became very well known about (this also affected Dell models like D620/D630)/

    When Dell released the successor to the D630, the E6400 - this had the option of NVidia graphics again but used a newer chipset which I don't think has been widely publicised as faulty by design.

    However iirc, when the E6400 came out, there were many reports of models with NVidia graphics overheating and slowing down, I believe there was some speculation at the time that these were teething troubles with a new Dell factory in Poland. However their fix was also various BIOS updates that would just run the fan faster.

    I will admit I still prefer Dell laptops over HP, although I remember getting my little brother an HP Elitebook for Christmas a few years ago as I thought it was a nice bit of kit.
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    See I know about the NVidia issues of the past but HP have always been good to me and I am quite brand loyal I had the RROD on several 360s but bought a ONE on day of release, also the Omen looks a lot more impressive in looks than the Alienware equivalent and spec wise significantly cheaper ;-)