Hi Guys
I'm after some info on installing TomTom Trucker on my XXL sat nave did this a few years ago on a TomTom go 920 and all was well but then got a Job doing a dedicated run (same rout everyday) so when my tomtom died i never bother replacing it.

still have the files:

Nav 8.390X10
Map Truck900
Fast activate
BBs-tools 1.062

However this are from December 2013 the map will almost certainly be out of date

My current config

DeviceName=TomTom XXL Classic Series
DeviceVersionHW=ONE XXL Classic
Not Found...
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In in the process of downloading Navcore 9.702 which from the reaseach ive done will fit on my tomtom. when I use Tomtom identify my device. It comes back as XXL 2GB but i have physically checked the internal storage and it is 4GB 3.92GB to be precise. I am however having problems finding the maps to go with this navcore, as all the links i try are no longer valid.